Client Feedback

Dear Dr. Swingle, It has been about 8 years since you and your daughter worked your magic on my daughter. At the time, she was 1.5 years behind in her schooling. Today she was awarded a pin in recognition of her academic achievements for her grade 10 school year. She is extremely proud of her 4.0 grade average as are we, her dad and I. Without the help of you two and our daughter’s own hard work, she wouldn’t be in the happy place she’s at today. I didn’t want to let another day go by without giving you our most sincere THANKS for helping her find the right track. She is off and running full speed with great expectations for her future we cannot thank you enough. THANK YOU BOTH SO MUCH. AD, Halifax

We are both very grateful to you for all that you did for both girls. It was a real tribute to you when after only one week of school she brought in her flute to play a “solo“ for her new classmates and she wasn`t even nervous about it! Last year at this time that would have been impossible for her. We are truly grateful, and we wish you the best! NS, Boston

My son and I were talking about how lucky we were to have met you. He said yes “you know Dr. Swingle made me feel normal“. I couldn`t believe it when I heard it. He also described having ADD as almost being the same as having a song stuck in your head, you just can`t think. As you can see my son has had some remarkable changes. We are so happy to have met you and we are so proud of our son. GF, Boston

Our problem was that we originally only ordered two Attention tapes. The two teachers who had most immediate and dramatic results with their students would not loan their tapes for the rest of the staff. When I listen to the tape, it appears to have no effect on me, however, we have witnessed students with violent, oppositional behavior, completely unable to focus have their behavior altered immediately on hearing the tape. They are able to focus, concentrate and perform tasks we’ve not seen to date. Quite remarkable! NC, Elementary School Teacher, Peace River, Alberta

It is hard to put into words the gratitude I have for what Dr. Swingle has done for my son. Adam was diagnosed with Lennox Gastaut syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy, and Aspergers syndrome, a form of autism – his prognosis was continued mental retardation and a life of uncontrolled seizures.

Already as a family, our life was greatly impacted as we tried to cope with a child who was extremely obsessive compulsive, did not have the ability to reason or understand consequences and had terrible seizures, learning disabilities, behavior problems and no impulse control.

Every parent wants what is best for their child but when a treatment I had not heard of comes along after so many others have failed, including 6 medications, while continuing to watch your child deteriorate – it is hard to keep faith. Dr. Swingle did more than give me hope – he healed my son, giving him a new chance at life.

Adam simply could not function when we started treatment. He loved the sessions and we started to see little things change week after week. His short term memory came back, he was able to learn to read and remember the lessons he learned the day before. Adam started to interact with other kids, he started to draw, he started to ask questions and make decisions, his attention span greatly improved. The obsessions that ruled his life were reduced to a fraction of what they were. He started to play with his siblings and most importantly, he was no longer depressed and had a positive outlook on his own life.

The change was remarkable. The teachers were stunned, and so was the hospitals physiologist. Adam’s brain was damaged because of the years of seizures and medications, but he made an amazing recovery over a 2 year period of time. You would not know he was the same child – Dr. Swingle gave Adam a chance to catch up and we watched him become more “normal” every day.

Today Adam has graduated from high school, is completely drug and seizure free and 90% of his autistic tendencies are gone. I felt it was time to give back and started a website called where I am able to give direction to other moms desperate for help and in the same shoes I walked in years before. I will continue to promote this therapy and tell every mom who finds me because the alternative for these kids is just not acceptable to me. It is painful to think of where Adam would be without neurotherapy.

One of the things that most impressed me about Dr. Swingle is he actually empowered me as a mother. He listened to every detail about Adam’s condition and told me that ‘mothers outrank everyone’. That was a powerful statement for me and has helped me countless times through the years. AM, White Rock

I cannot begin to thank you enough for all that you have done for my son and family ! He is still off Ritalin and I have thrown it in the bin! He and his sister are playing together much more and our family life is so much calmer. He has been back at school a week, so it is early days to see any advancement in his learning abilities, but they are noticing small differences – better approach to maths and better interaction with other children.
Everyone we met at the clinic was kind, supportive and professional – our son and I have very fond memories of our time with you.
I am so relieved I came across one of your podcasts – hurray for Google! I only wish I had found it years ago!

I have been searching for a miracle for our son for a long time and I feel that we found it when we came out to see you – I now have hope for the future. MA, UK

My son had years of talk therapy and counselling through Children’s Hospital with very little improvement. It was not until he came to see Dr. Swingle that he showed remarkable results. His teachers’ comments, grades and overall sense of well-being is a testament to that. FI, Vancouver

I have been bringing my daughter to see you now since March and I just wanted to pass on some very good news. We went for an EEG yesterday and for the very first time in eight years our EEG actually showed quite significant improvement! She’s always had a bad EEG, now she is getting a fairly good EEG and she got an excellent report from the Psychologist as well, so I just wanted to pass that good news on to you, and I’ll be back in again in August – so I’ll see you then!! SL, Vancouver

I just want to let you know that I am fine. I have had very few headaches. I am using my relaxation tape and the exercises you gave me. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. It is a miracle to be headache and fiourinal free! Sincere best wishes! CC, Ottawa

I want to let you know how much I feel I have gained by being your patient. Your talks, laughs and biofeedback were so helpful to me. I really am so grateful for having met you. You do great work and I look forward to coming back to Vancouver and seeing you in the future. KK, Calgary

A note to say hello and a world of encouragement to keep giving that hope to so many helpless hearts! GH, Vancouver

It is with great pleasure that I write you today in regards to the good news. I have been relieved of my Tinnitus! Seven days after I saw you I was able to give my wife and all my relatives and friends the good news. I just could not believe that I no longer suffered from Tinnitus…I also have the pleasure of telling you that I can now sleep without medication! I can never thank you enough for the confidence you gave me and I will always have you on my mind for as long as I live. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. GV, Ottawa

Thank you so much for the treatments we’ve had here for nearly one year. My life is 100% better. Success has come to me in many areas. My marriage is a lot stronger; I’m able to deal with stress in a positive way. I can manage raising my child better, deal with life and I was hired three months ago as a teacher’s aide! I have referred many people to you. PD, Vancouver

Just a note to say, thank you for the wonderful change you have made in […]. We had him home for Christmas and it was such a joy to have him sober, being able to enjoy his company, seeing him actually eating a full meal and not being moody. I would heartily recommend this program to anyone wanting to get sober. Thank you again. Keep up the good work! WA, Toronto

Again, [we] are both very grateful to you for all that you did for both girls. It was a real tribute to you when after only one week of school […] brought in her violin to play a solo for her new classmates and she wasn’t even nervous about it! Last year at this time that would have been impossible for her. We are truly grateful and we wish you the best! NS, Boston

Thanks for the difference you have made in my life… IA, Vancouver

Letter sent to parents from the Resource Teacher after the child was treated at the clinic: …I have been soooo impressed with his attitude toward his schoolwork, teachers and peers that I am giving him a Citizenship Award. I decided on this after receiving several, recent compliments on his schoolwork, class participation and respect of others in the classroom. He will be presented with the award next week. [His teacher] will present it to him in front of his class. RJ, Boston

From the parents: Thanks to you…for making such a positive change in […]’s reading. We can’t thank you enough! From the child: Thank you Dr. Swingle for helping me with my reading. SA & SC, Vancouver

…In all probability you have forgotten my visits with you approximately ten years ago when I was referred to you by […]. However, the reason I am writing you is to see if it would be possible to obtain a copy of the relaxation tape you gave me when I was seeing you. I eventually parted with my wife five years ago who took the tape with her and I have never been able to find a tape as effective as yours in promoting relaxation… PZ, Ottawa

We have been using (your Attention Harmonic) in the Yonkers School District since Feb, of 1998. We have had outstanding results using the tape and have noticed a significant reduction in aberrant behavior in the children using the tape.

In each of the 3 schools we are in using EEG Neurofeedback as well, we have created a ‘Safe Space’. In this safe space, the child who is out of control in the classroom, may go and listen to (the Attention cassette) and learn to quiet down by himself. It is much better than sending the child to the principal’s office, where often they just sit and gain no knowledge or self discipline.

We have found (the Attention cassette) to be an excellent adjunct tool with our Biofeedback Program. Thank you for your generous contribution. Mary Jo Sabo, Ph.D., BCI

In experimenting with Dr. Swingle’s Attention tape, I discovered that the sound produced a calming effect for me. I was particularly pleased with the impact it had for reading as it definitely increased my concentration and ultimately my comprehension. GK, Vancouver