Grand Rounds For Professionals with Dr. Paul Swingle

ClinicalQ & Braindriving – Fundamental Neurotherapy Workshop

May 23th – 25th, 2014

This workshop introduces the ClinicalQ and Braindryvr methods. Dr. Swingle’s ClinicalQ assessment system is a simple method to examine brain activity as a basis for determining training plans quickly and effectively. Participants learn what has been shown to work from experience and research, and also how to record the ClinicalQ and interpret the results. Methods for probing the client, based on comparisons with the ClinicalQ clinical data base, are reviewed. Also, many cases are studied to help participants learn how to capably use this remarkably efficient intake procedure. The details associated with selecting appropriate unconditioned stimuli for braindriving are examined and the methods for administering basic Braindryvr protocols are shown. Unique concerns regarding treating clients with severe emotional trauma, chronic depression and those who are heavily medicated are reviewed.

One day is specifically dedicated to intensive hands-on training and mentoring with the ClinicalQ and Braindriving. Participants will be instructed on every aspect of the set-up, recording, and treatment phases. In laboratory format, participants are grouped to gain supervised experience with the ClinicalQ assessment. Based on ClinicalQ data, relevant Braindriving protocols are administered and assessed. Participants receive training adequate to permit immediate use of these assessment and treatment procedures in their practices.

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