Autism and Asperger’s

There has been a huge increase in recent years in the incidence of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Recent studies have suggested a threefold increase has occured in the incidence of these disorders in the last ten years.  As the term ASD implies, autism is not a unitary disorder.  There are many forms of ASD that can vary in terms of behavioral characteristics and severity.  Some ASD children can have severe delays in terms of intellectual development whereas others can proceed to higher learning.  Some autistic children show no awareness of others as emotional beings and therefore absolutely no interest in social interaction.  Asperger’s children, on the other hand, often are well aware of others but lack the social skill development to engage in age-appropriate social interaction.

The treatment of ASD children is one area in which unqualified therapists can do considerable harm.  Treatment must be guided by a brain map.  Some ASD children have a considerable excess of brainwave amplitude over the entire brain. Reduction of that excess can be very effective in the treatment of these children.  However, there are many locations that must be avoided or calmed during treatment to prevent the exacerbation of the autistic behaviors while other brain areas are being treated.

Our clinic is one of the few centers in North America that can treat severe cases. Often ASD children cannot participate in the regular forms of neurotherapy that require some degree of volition. Our clinic is the leading center in North America in the development of the nonvolitional braindriving technologies that are used for ASD children.

Some very interesting books by and about individuals with ASD include:  Songs of the Gorilla Nation by Dr. Dawn Prince-Hughes;  The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon;  The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon.