Optimal Performance Training

There are two phases to optimal or peak performance training.  The first is to correct any brain efficiencies that might be interfering with performance. The second is to optimize brain functioning. During the process of correcting brain inefficiencies, the IQ increases by 10 to 15 points. We find this routinely, for example, when treating children with ADD.

The second phase of treatment involves optimizing Alpha brainwaves. Alpha is a ready state in the brain. The average frequency of this resting and idling brainwave is an important determinant of cognitive efficiency. For example, as we get older this average dominant frequency slows down and is associated with age-related declines in cognitive functioning. Optimal performance training is exactly the reverse of this process in that we increase the average dominant frequency of Alpha.

In addition to increasing the average dominant frequency, optimal performance training increases the strength of the Alpha brainwaves and speeds up the transition time from one Alpha state to another. The effect of this training is an increase in brain efficiency with attendant improvements in cognitive and motor performance. Many CEOs of large companies have continuous neurotherapy to maintain optimal performance just as an athlete would routinely work out in a gym to maintain optimal physical performance. Many professional athletes likewise have routine neurotherapy sessions for exactly the same reason – to maintain peak performance in their sport.