Products for The Brain

Soundhealth Products, Inc. is the leader in the development of low sound pressure harmonics and subliminals that improve brain functioning.  The company’s creator and CEO, Dr. Paul G. Swingle is the internationally recognized authority in the field of low sound pressure psychoactive acoustics.  Dr. Swingle’s book, “Subliminal Treatment Procedures: A Clinician’s Guide” is the classic text in the field of clinical application of marginal stimulation.

The products available for home use include harmonics that modify specific brainwaves for the treatment of various conditions including depression, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity problems, anxiety, sleep problems, phobia and addiction disorders. In addition, products with other forms of stimulation including microamperage, light, and magnetic fields are also available.  

EVERY product marketed by SoundHealth Products has been thoroughly researched to determine the exact effects on brainwave functioning.  Hence, the efficacy of each product from SoundHealth Products has been determined because it has been found to produce reliable brainwave effects when measured with the electroencephalograph (EEG).  A variety of these proven products are available from the webstore.

Many health and education professionals use and endorse the SoundHealth Products, such as NC from Alberta Canada who wrote:

…our problem was that we originally only ordered two (Attention Harmonic) CDs.  The two teachers who had the most immediate and dramatic results with their students would not loan their CDs for the rest of the staff.

Dr. MS of Yonkers, New York wrote:

…when a child becomes disruptive (in class) he is sent down to listen to (the harmonic) and when he calms down he returns to class…

Dr. CH of Vancouver wrote:

…my client made more progress after one use of the harmonic than in weeks of therapy…

SoundHealth products are useful not only for treating problems but are used by many as a general aid to relaxation, sleep and attention.  Some products are used by the elderly to keep the brain sharp and college students use harmonics to aid in their studying.  Click onto our web store for more information on these very effective brain products.  Research on the use of these products is also available on this website.