Enroll in the Swingle 2015 webinar series to learn Dr. Paul G. Swingle’s approach to the neurotherapeutic assessment and treatment of addictions, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, pain, emotional trauma, as well as the unique challenges of adopted children. Each presentation will go into greater detail regarding the variations of the condition(s), what norms to be aware of in the ClinicalQ assessment, which treatment protocols work best for BrainDryving, and the clinical tips that best lead to successful identification and treatment based on current examples from Dr. Swingle’s practice. Those attending these live webinars will hear references to recent articles and have the opportunity to directly ask Dr Swingle questions regarding the presentation content.

The schedule of webinar series is as follows:
– Neurotherapeutic Treatment of Addictions – January 13th
– Neurotherapeutic Treatment of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, and Pain – April 7th
– Neurotherapeutic Treatment of the Sequellae of Emotional Trauma – June 16th
– Neurotherapy and the Unique Challenges of Adopted Children – November 7th

The time of day for the webinars are from 3:00 – 4:00pm eastern time (Canada/US).
Signing-up for the whole series presents greater savings, when compared to paying for each individual webinar.

Neurotherapeutic Treatment of Addictions

This webinar focuses on the discussion of treatment of addictions such as alcoholism, drug use and internet addiction. Addiction is examined from the perspective of brain activity, as evaluated by the ClinicalQ assessment method and treated using neurotherapy. Dr Swingle’s presentation takes into consideration the generalizations that lead to self-medicating behavior: brain neurology, distraction from unhappy environmental conditions, emotional sedation, uppers & downers, and pleasure versus pain. When it comes to addictions, it is important to keep in mind other conditions that lead to addiction, such as untreated ADD or depression, due to the disorder’s co-morbidities.

Neurotherapeutic Treatment of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Pain

Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and pain are complex disorders with complex roots. Although they represent catch-all terms for unspecific ailments, Dr. Swingle will enlighten the attendees in this 1-hour webinar on the reality of these interconnected conditions. There is relief at the end of the tunnel, and Dr. Swingle will describe the ClinicalQ assessment patterns and neurotherapeutic treatment options for these clinical populations.

Neurotherapeutic Treatment of the Sequellae of Emotional Trauma

As experienced clinicians have learned, the incidence of trauma markers are sometimes higher than expected when evaluating with the ClinicalQ assessment. This is not due to errors of the process or artifacts of the technology, but a reality of our current world and how an individual’s brain reacts to the long term exposure to negative life experiences, such as loneliness, being raised by severely depressed parents, daily bullying or abuse over months. People often don’t imagine their own experiences as “traumatic” even though the effects for such extended periods of time are visible in terms of brain’s activity.

Join this webinar to hear Dr. Swingle’s discussion of trauma as it is implicated in conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), severe anxiety, sleep disturbances, depression and pseudo-seizures. Attendees will also be exposed the neurotherapeutic approaches Dr Swingle’s clinic uses for dealing with the subtleties of these trauma markers.

Neurotherapy and the Unique Challenges of Adopted Children

Attendees of the popular monthly Swingle Grand Rounds series have realized that adopted children face unique challenges, beyond the often unsettled adjustment to their new families. Dr Swingle’s 40 years of experience in neurotherapy has given him acute awareness into the difference of adopted children at the level of brain activity. During this webinar, he will discuss these circumstances and challenges. If you’re a clinician that deals with adopted children using neurotherapy, this is definitely a webinar you do not want to miss

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